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Admit it, no matter how much you love your dog, sometimes they can get a bit funky. We’ve all been there: you bend down to get a puppy smooch but instead you are met with a fireball of doggy breath that could take the paint off of a fence OR maybe your sitting on the couch curled up with your favorite furry pal and WHAM-O you are completely engulfed in a mysterious cloud of puppy funk.

As a dog boarding and grooming facility, we know that sometimes dogs just have a smell to them and other times it may be something else all together. Here are a few tips for keeping the funk to a minimum with your pup!

Body odor

The most come smell that dogs usually produce is the natural “dog” smell and is usually caused from a build-up of the dander and bodily oils your pet produces on a regular basis. The smell can also become a bit stronger if your K9 regularly plays outdoors and rolled around in something smelly. Some dogs enjoy rolling around in things with stronger scents because it helps them to mask their odor. These smells can even intensify during the summer baking on your dog in the summer sun.

The fix

Typically a traditional bath can fix this problem. Be sure to buy a shampoo that is of high quality and is specifically catered to meet the needs of K9 skin and fur. You do not want to use a product that has harsh chemicals that could cause more damage than good. Be sure to scrub their fur thoroughly and when you are done, rinse em off and let them shake themselves dry before drying them off yourself. Additionally, you want to make sure that you dry them as soon as possible. The longer you wait the sooner bacteria on the skin can multiply and produce that wet dog smell.

* be sure to consult your vet for how often you should bathe your dog. Some dogs may actually require more bath time or even special shampoos especially if they have a special skin condition.

Corgi Dog at the Dogwoods Mount Horeb WIDog breath


If you happen to notice that your pet’s breath seems to be the culprit you may first want to have your dog looked at by a vet. Sometimes bad breath can relate to more serious issues that your pet may be encountering. However, if you are certain that this case of dog breath is directly related to something your dog ate then here is what you can do:

The fix

Start by occasionally giving your pet a rawhide bone. These can help cut down on the amount of tartar build up and help tame that breath. Additionally; you may want to find a doggy tooth brush and begin brushing your pet’s teeth anywhere from once or twice a week to once a day, depending on how bad the breath is and the advice of your vet.

Dog toots

Ok so this might not be something you can completely control because this is a natural function that we all do. However, dogs for some reason always seem to have the worst of the worst when it comes to gassy situations. However there is hope:

The fix

Keep an eye on your pets diet as this one relates specifically to it. If you are using a cheap or lower quality store bought food, you may want to try changing to a better quality product. Things like soy can work hard on a dogs digestive system and many dogs are lactose intolerant. If you have been giving your pet too much of these things gas is going to happen. Also try working in more natural foods like brown rice or whole carrots to chew on. Not only will these help with your dog’s gas issue they will also help freshen your pet’s breath too.

Did we miss anything? What smells do you catch a whiff of off your pet and how do you tend to tame them?

-The Dogwoods


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