As you may be aware, we are a dog boarding facility that focuses on providing your pet free reign to play and interact as they please because we want our environment to be just like being at home.

The dogwoods camp house

Of course during the summer we spend the majority of our time outside in the yard doing various activities throughout the day maybe stopping to rest on the deck to bath in the sun or sneaking off under a tree to catch some shade. However, in the winter that becomes a bit of a different story.

Winter can get really cold out here in the rolling hills of Mt. Horeb and that means we need a place to play and stay warm during the winter months. Enter our camp house. If you were at our Ice Cream Social in July then you have gotten to see how great this space is during the summer. However, during the winter it becomes the perfect place to take a break from playing. Once the canvas’s are dropped to block the wind the cozy brick fireplace really keeps this open space warm. In fact here are 5 Reasons we love the camp house and think you should too!

1. It’s a very warm space to break from outside play.

As mentioned above, there is a cozy fire place which is in non-stop mode from 5am-8pm including several other heat sources. Trust us, even on the coldest of days it is easily 70+ degrees in the camp house. We have even seen a few of our furrier guests freely step outside to cool down from the warmth.

dogs playing outside

2. It maintains our signature home-style environment.

Yes, even in the camp house we have it set up just like a comfortable living room to include a 55″ TV and large tempur-pedic dog beds for relaxation. To say the least it is one of the best places to rest after freely playing outside on a cold day.

3. Space

The camp house has enough square footage for playing ball or with any other action toys on days we choose to hang indoors. This is really important so that we can make sure that your pet is getting the activity and exercise that he/she needs.

4. Your pet is still free to roam as they please

The camp house is designed with retractable flaps that also have zipped entries, similar to those of a camping tent. We always leave the bottom of these entries open so that our guests can easily come in and out of the camp house as they see fit.

5. Easy clean upDogs leaving the camp house The dogwoods mount horeb WI

Ok, so this one might be our favorite more so after our guests leave for the day, than while they are visiting.

But lets be honest, there is a lot of outdoor space here at the dogwoods and dog play can get messy.

Wether it be dragging in snow during the winter; tracking in mud in the spring or just shaking off extra water from swimming in the ponds during the summer, the camp house is able to handle it and we love how easily it cleans up. Plus this means your pet always has a clean and comfortable place to relax after some good fun and exercise.

So there you have it the top 5 reasons we love our camp house and why you should too. Because of the camp house we are able to accommodate a respectable amount of dogs and we are able to easily care for them even on the coldest of days that mother nature gives us. We are dedicated to making sure your pet gets the exercise and care that they need while you are away; whether that be just for the day or even a week.

-The Dogwoods


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