In order to fully understand the benefits of dog daycare, it helps to understand the relationship man has had with dogs. Early on man formed Dogs Chasing RC Car at the Dogwoods Mount Horeb WIa bond with canines not just out of need for companionship, but for survival as well. Dogs were quick and better able to chase prey, while man had strength and intelligence to fashion weapons to take the prey down. A Dog’s reward for a job well done was regularly a healthy share of the meal.

As man evolved dogs took on other roles such as herding livestock or guarding homes while man was away. We agree, many dogs today still work in some capacity, however, you might agree that most now spend their days sleeping or watching reruns of Scooby-Doo. This in turn can make for an unhappy pet. Think about it, are you really happy sitting on the couch watching TV all day?

Here are 3 big benefits of dog daycare:


Let’s face it, we all need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy and dogs are no exception. Exercise has been proven to increase endorphins in humans increasing brain function and reducing stress, which equals “happy”. The same is true for dogs, when they get a healthy dose of exercise (playing/running) they too become much happier. Of course, this also provides improved motor skills and agility.


Dogs Napping at the Dogwoods Mount Horeb WI

Let’s face it we each encountered an interaction where we have been out in public and we question whether that person was raised under a rock because of their social skills. We even tend to feel disconnected if we haven’t seen friends or family in a long time. By sending your pup to dog daycare it provides them socialization with not only other dogs, but with people as well. This is especially important for dogs because dogs are pack animals and need socialization to feel as though they belong. Dog daycare also helps them understand that they need to be respectful of other people or guests and not just their owners.


Like a cascading waterfall, the benefits of dog daycare pour right into each other. Exercise and socialization at dog daycare really helps in reducing boredom in dogs. It gives them regular activity and routine that helps reduce negative behaviors from arising (think: that recently found pair of chewed work shoes as you are leaving for work).

Dog daycare can also help reduce separation anxiety for a pet or their owner (if feeling just a hint guilty for leaving their pet at home all day). The pet gets to spend the day playing & socializing and their owner gets the peace of mind knowing their pet is having a great time.

Of course we always encourage owners to play with their pets as much as possible and spend that time building that bond. However, if you have a very high-energy canine, you may just find regular walks and play time are just not enough. In these instances or those in which you may not have enough time to get out, Dog Daycare can be a great solution. You can either add it in to your routine or use it as a supplement for missed activities to help keep your pup healthy and happy.

-The Dogwoods


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