Dog Daycare

This category is filled with information regarding our dog daycare service and relates to specific activities and that we offer here at the Dogwoods.

3 Benefits of Dog Daycare

In order to fully understand the benefits of dog daycare, it helps to understand the relationship man has had with dogs. Early on man formed a bond with canines not just out of need for companionship, but for survival as well. Dogs were quick and better able to chase prey, […]

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Dog walking down ramp

Back to School Blues? It Might Be Time for Dog Daycare

Canine Back to School Blues?
Yes, it’s a real thing. If the kids went off to college this year, like you, your pet may also be coping with the new found empty-nest. This usually occurs when their daily routine of companionship suddenly changes; so it makes sense if your pet just went from spending the entire Summer with the kids to suddenly being alone the majority of the day.

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