As we move on from our Ice Cream Social, which we like to think is the “coolest” day of the summer, we enter into what usually tends to be our hottest month of the year. August has always been one of those hit or Keeping your canine cool in the pond at Dogwoods, Mount Horeb, WImiss months but for whatever reason it can make keeping your canine cool feel like a full time job.

Because of this, we tend to keep a much closer eye on our guests to make sure they are not getting too overwhelmed with the heat. This means making sure coolers are stocked with ice to keep water bowls nice and cool during runs in the yard and even making regular stops to our eco-friendly pond throughout the day. Even if your pet is not visiting The Dogwoods, we wanted to share some of our best tips for making sure your pet keeps their cool as we approach the end of summer (EEK!).

Never keep your dog in a parked car

We know this is an obvious one, but we can’t be cautious enough. Every year we hear a heart wrenching story of how someone just running into a store for a moment left their furry pal to sit in a hot car with a window cracked, only to return to the worst case scenario. Of course we are not saying you can’t leave your pet in the car briefly, but realize that it only takes mere minutes for a car’s temperature to rise well over 100 degrees during summer temps. If you must run in, be mindful of the time and make sure multiple windows are left open to provide air circulation, have a bowl and some water placed on the floor or consider researching if the establishment is dog friendly and they can happily join in on running errands.

Steer clear of hot surfaces

While we’re out and about frolicking in our flip flops and enjoying the sunshine on our toes, we sometimes forget that our dogs are running around barefoot. Sure, they have thick pads that they walk and run on, but they too can be sensitive to the heat. be aware of hot sidewalks, blacktop and even sand at the beach or park on a hot summer day. Consider going for walks/runs with your pet earlier in the day or later in the evening when these surfaces tend to be much cool and have not been absorbing the sun’s rays.

Sun screen can be a dogs best friend too

This one you may want to check with your vet on first to find an appropriate product, but just like people, pet’s can get sunburn and even skin cancer from the sun’s UV rays. Consider using an SPF on areas of your pet’s skin that is exposed, like their nose, ears or even areas that short hair leaves their skin visible to the sun.

Keeping your canine cool in the shade at The Dogwoods, Mount Horeb, WI

Find some shade

If your dog needs to be outside all day while you are a way, make sure you have areas in the yard that they can get to to get some relief from the sun. This can be a nice tree to sit under, a cozy spot on a covered porch or even a shaded enclosed area, like a trusty dog house. It’s also important to keep plenty of water out for them to stay hydrated.

Regular Hydration

Another common tip, but it is surprising how under hydrated some pets get during the summer. Remember, your pet in some instances has a thick coat of fur which is like walking around Disney Land in a Goofy costume all day. You get the idea, its hot under there. Make sure when going places you bring water for yourself but especially for your pet. Be sure to keep it in a pet safe container and always beside to keep plenty of clean water in a bowl both inside and outside when at home.

We certainly hope that these tips come in handy as we enter the tail end of summer. Are there any tips we missed or are there things you do to help keep your pet cool in the summer? If so, feel free to share them in the comments below. Of course if you are looking to make sure your pet stays cool through August, consider a day of dog daycare once a week at The Dogwoods. We have plenty of shade trees, an eco-friendly pond to splash in and plenty of ice cold water dishes to keep your pup cool this summer.

– The Dogwoods


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