Our philosophy is to ensure our guests enjoy 24 hour-a-day care in a home-style environment that allows them to mingle with other guests or find a private sitting area to enjoy some time alone. Every day our guests benefit from an array of activities:

active play, camaraderie through friendly games among buddies, adventures exploring, the scents and secrets waiting in the meadow, eco-friendly ponds and their own favorite places; and quiet, leisurely moments on the sofa or patio.

Kennel Free Philosophy

We believe that your pet should be treated just as they would at home and as if they were one of the family. When your pet is here for daycare they will spend 90% of their time free to explore all that the Dogwoods has to offer on their own or with their pals. No worries, our guests are always 100% monitored by our trained and caring staff and we only kennel during feedings and at bedtime to ensure the safety of our overnight guests. 

Overnight guests also enjoy Movie Time in our home theater room every night. Each night our nannies cuddle up with our guests to unwind, relax and enjoy the companionship that the human/pet interaction provides. We believe this is one of the truest ways of making our place just like home.

Exercise & Play Areas

“Wow!” That’s what all of our clients say when they see the fenced in area and play equipment created just for their dogs. Five acres of The Dogwoods six-acre property is enclosed by fence. Dogs will enjoy vigorous runs; games of fetch, or just catch a few rays before dinner.


As your dog will tell you, sudden changes to their diets can cause a variety of intestinal upsets. It is for this reason we ask all of our guests to bring their own food and provide us with detailed diet instructions to help minimize any upsets.

Veterinary Care

Owners must provide the name and number of their veterinary clinic. We will try our best to use your veterinarian should your pet need medical attention. If necessary, we use The Dogwoods’ preferred veterinarian or emergency clinic. Owners are responsible for all medical expenses.

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Smiling Dog At The Dogwoods Mount Horeb, WI