Full day dog daycare

We know how busy life can get and we know just how active your pet can be. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get in a good walk or the right amount of play your dog requires to stay healthy and agile. A full day of dog daycare is the perfect fit for any dog owner wanting to ensure their canine is staying active even when they can’t get out with them everyday.

Ou daycare guests have access to all of our amenities and regularly spend their days with the group playing ball; climbing the agility equipment, taking dips in the eco-friendly pond or finding the perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

Monday – Friday: 7-9a  & 4:30-6p 

Half day dog daycare

Half-days provide the same fun and excitement that our full-days of dog daycare offer and are perfect for smaller or older canines. These dogs know that it’s not always about keeping up with the pack but that it is still good to be fit and enjoy the camaraderie with other guests.

Early half day 

Monday – Friday: 7-9a & 12-1p

Late half day

Monday – Friday: 12-1p & 4:30-6p

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Dogs Playing Fetch at The Dogwoods Mount Horeb, WI

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