Owner Ed blowing leaves at the dogwoods

Just the other day we were looking around the property and realized that even though it is late into the season, we are relatively green looking around here. The fall colors have certainly been shy in showing themselves this year.

That can certainly be an OK thing in our book because as the leaves start changing colors that can only mean there will be more work and up keep to keep this place looking great for our guests.

We genuinely take pride in making sure this place is a retreat for our guests and with that comes a lot of maintenance. I mention this as we recently had a new guest questioning what goes into maintaining our homestyle dog boarding facility. Well here is an inside look at how we typically maintain our scenic property.

In the spring 

We begin preparing the ponds and do any sort of basic spring clean up there may be. This also includes cleaning up the ponds and installing the pumps that were stored during the winter. We also get the sprinkler system in order and begin getting the flower boxes filled with seasonal flowers.

In the summer 

There is lots (and we mean Lots) of mowing. This is done regularly every 4 days with two people completing the job with commercial mowers. We also make sure that the flowerbeds are weeded every two weeks or so.

Dogs running through leaves

In the fall

This is where it seems the work begins to get harder; but it could just be because those darn leaves keep falling, which makes it seem like a never-ending job. Amongst raking and blowing leaves we begin to shut down the sprinkler system and we remove the pumps from the ponds for storage. This really is a big maintenance time for us. The flower boxes and beds are planted with mums and fall flowers while all of the shrubs are pruned and prepared for winter. We also continue to mow until the all the leaves have fallen from the trees.

 In the winter

With snow comes plowing and shoveling. It seems as though this would not be a large feat, however, we want to make sure that your pet has ample space to play, even if it is only for short periods of time. This means that ALL decks need to be shoveled along with shoveling a maze of paths throughout the property so the dogs can get a good run in from time to time as well.

And there you have it an inside look at our seasonal maintenance routine so that we are able to continually provide the best environment for your pet while you are away.  We agree that it is a lot of work but there is no other retreat for your K9 in the Madison area quite like the Dogwoods.

-The Dogwoods


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